Sublet Information


If you are considering subleasing your apartment, house, or just your bedroom make sure you read through the following information first before contacting the office. Most questions can be answered here:

  1. Any and all arrangements are made between you and the person you are subleasing to. This includes finding or creating your own sublease contract to sign and turn in. We do not provide sublease contracts, you must find or make your own to use. When subleasing please remember that YOU are still on the lease agreement with our company and that you are still responsible for any and all damages, cleaning charges, non-payment of rent and keys being turned in. PLEASE BE WISE WITH WHOM YOU SUBLEASE TO.
  2. Per your lease agreement all roommates must sign off on the person subleasing. In addition to a sublease contract you will need a typed letter signed by all roommates that states they agree to the person subleasing. It must include the full apartment address, date, printed and signed names of all leaseholders. This must be turned in at the same time as the sublease contract. If you do not have roommates, this does not apply to you. Electronic signatures are not acceptable on these forms.
  3. Parking- UML permits can be transferred to the person subleasing. However, we must have a sublet contract on file first. They must furnish proof of vehicle registration (the car must be registered in their name only) and they must also sign and scan over the parking agreement before they are able to use the parking permit. For street parking, they may not be able to obtain a city parking permit to park on the street if need be. Because they are not actual lease holders we cannot provide them with copies of lease agreements, which they would need to be able to park on the street. Please make sure they are aware of this. If they have questions regarding street parking please direct them to the City of Columbus division of Transportation and Parking. Parking Permit Agreement is located at the top of this page:
  4. University Manors highly recommends you require a photo copy of their driver’s license AND a security deposit of one month’s rent. These items are your responsibility to hang on to.
  5. Remember, YOU are responsible to the company. The sublet contract you have the person sign makes them responsible to YOU. For this reason it is usually preferred for the new person to pay you their rent directly and then you pay your rent directly to us as you normally would. This way you know it has been paid, there aren’t any late charges, etc. If this is not possible they are able to pay us directly. Please make sure they put the apartment address on the check.
  6. Your lease ends at noon on July 28th.
  7. The person subleasing is considered an occupant and therefore is required to have Renters Insurance that meets the requirements of your lease. This must be turned in at the same time as the sublease agreement, roommate letter, and any parking documents. Renters insurance requirements can be found here:
  8. All documents- sublease agreement, roommate letter, renter’s insurance, parking agreement and vehicle registration (only if you have UML parking permits where you live) must all be emailed together in one email to: Please do not send these items in separate emails. If they are registering a car please make sure to include in the email the make, model, license plate, color and year of the vehicle, as this information is not all listed on the vehicle registration. Make sure all documents are scanned over legibly. The subtenant’s name, phone number and email address must be printed on the sublease agreement or we cannot process it.

Additional questions or to turn in subleasing documents (per #8) – Contact Kelly at