Schedule a Tour or Join a Wait-List


To schedule a tour of a studio apartment please e-mail with your availability.

To schedule a tour of any other property, please do one of the following:

        1. Call the office at 614-291-2600
        2. E-mail Make sure you include each location you would like to tour and when you’re available.

Please note that we have to give our current residents 24 hours notice to enter for a tour.


To join the wait list please e-mail  Make sure to include a list of all the properties you would like to be on the wait list for.


It does not matter if you are 1st or 201st on the wait list.  Due to the nature of leasing season in the campus area, once we know a property is available to lease we will e-mail everyone on the wait list at the same time to notify them it is available for tour and to lease.  From there, it is first come, first serve as to who can book a tour and put down the first half of the security deposit first.  We cannot take a property off the market until at least half of the security deposit is paid.