Roommate Changes


To replace, or switch, a roommate before the lease begins, the following steps must be taken. All roommate changes must be completed and turned in no later than May 22nd.

A typed letter with the address of the apartment/house you rented, current date, and lease term must be submitted to start the process. It must state the following:

  1. Person leaving wants off the lease agreement
  2. The remaining roommates agree to live with the new person (new person’s name must be stated in the letter)
  3. Person leaving and the new person have paid each other for the security deposit and it is settled between them, so that the money we have down on the account stays down.

Once you have this letter signed by all parties someone must scan and email it to to begin the process. The $100 administrative fee will be added to the property’s account and must be paid before the new person turns in their lease.  The lease will need to be signed, cosigned and turned in to the office when completed. Once it is completed and turned in, the person wanting off the lease can officially be removed from the lease agreement.

Additional questions or to turn in roommate change documents – Contact Kelly at