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Utility Company Phone Numbers

AEP (Electric) – 1-800-277-2177
Columbia Gas – 1-800-344-4077
City of Columbus (Electric) – 614-645-7360
City of Columbus (Water) – 614-645-8270
City of Columbus (Street Permits) – 614-645-6400
Time Warner Cable – 614-481-5050

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Am I allowed to paint?
Mar. 25, 2015
No. Painting is not permitted in any of our properties.

Are there any restrictions I should know about?
Mar. 17, 2015
Yes. We do not allow coed groups over 4 people to live together in our houses. The only exception is if a brother/sister decide to live together. There are no exceptions to this rule. If you decide to add an additional person over the number of bedrooms in the apartment/house, there will be an additional amount added to the monthly rent and a possible increase in the security deposit. Please contact Kelly at (614) 291-5001 or kelly@universitymanors.com for specific situations.

Are there locks on the bedroom doors?
Mar. 19, 2015
Privacy locks (not keyed locks) are installed on all bedroom doors. As per your lease agreement we do not permit you to have keyed locks, for multiple reasons. HOWEVER, if you move in and find a keyed lockset on your door and there is not a key provided you may take it to Vanguard Hardware 614-267-6602 and for a nominal fee (YOU must pay) they will provide you with a key to the door. If we ever have a showing or a rooming house inspection, and after notifying you, we find that your door is locked we will drill it out at YOUR expense. You are NOT permitted to install deadbolt locks on any door at any time and any damage done to a door because of any locks you put on it will be deducted from your security deposit. Again, privacy locks are provided so that you are able to lock yourself in your room.

Can I mail, fax, or e-mail in my proof of renters insurance ahead of time before my move-in day?
Mar. 19, 2015
No. DO NOT fax, e-mail or mail your insurance to the office ahead of time! You must have it IN HAND with you to get the keys. Any insurance forms sent to the office prior to your move-in will be recycled.

Can I move-in early?
Mar. 17, 2015
Typically no. If your apartment is ready for move-in early, we will automatically call you and offer it to you prior to your scheduled move-in date. Please do not call and ask if your apartment is ready early - we will call you if it is.

Can I see a copy of the lease?
Mar. 17, 2015 by Madison Corna, Ohio
Yes. Click on the "Sample Lease" link above. Lease dates and amounts vary depending on the property you rent, but the basic articles in the lease are a constant. You are given a copy of your specific lease at your leasing appointment to keep for your records. If you lose that copy and need a new one please call the office 24 hours in advance, the fee is $5.00 cash.

Do I need a co-signer?
Mar. 17, 2015
Yes. If you are under the age of 25 you MUST have a parent or legal guardian as a co-signer on the lease agreement. If you are over the age of 25 you may have a non-relative co-signer. For international students or special situations, please contact Kelly at (614) 291-5001 or kelly@universitymanors.com to discuss.

Do you allow pets?
Mar. 17, 2015
We allow cats in most of our properties, however they MUST be spayed/neutered and litter box trained. Caged pets, such as hamsters or fish are also allowed. We do not allow any pets in our studio buildings. NO DOGS OR FERRETS are allowed at any of our properties.

There is no additional rent or security deposit required for pets, however we do require you to have a pet contract on file. You are responsible for any damage caused by your pet.

Do you allow smoking in your properties?
Mar. 18, 2015
No. All of our properties are non-smoking. Smoking of ANY KIND is strictly prohibited. You make smoke outside of the building, but are responsible for properly disposing of any cigarette butts or other waste.

Do you allow subleasing?
Mar. 18, 2015
Yes. For additional information regarding subleasing please see our "Sublet Information" section under our "Current Residents" page.

Do you do a credit check on myself or my co-signer?
Mar. 19, 2015
No. Since almost all of our tenants are students they have not acquired enough credit to get approved. Instead, we require each tenant to have their own co-signer. If you are under 25, your co-signer must be a parent or legal guardian. If you are over 25, your co-signer can be anyone you choose. If you are an international student or have another special circumstance in regards to having a cosigner contact Kelly at the rental office.

Do you do any short term leases?
Mar. 17, 2015
No, all of our leases are for a 1 year term (less about 3 weeks). Lease terms run around the university class schedule. Move-in is mid-August and move-out is late July.

Do you have floor plan measurements of your properties?
Mar. 17, 2015
Yes. For each property there is a floorplan as the final image in the photo gallery for that property.

Does our apartment come with blinds or curtains?
Mar. 19, 2015
We do not provide window treatments (unless you live in one of our studio locations). If there are blinds or curtains there when you move in it is because they were left by the previous residents. We are not responsible for the condition or maintenance of any window treatments left by previous tenants.

How can I get a street parking permit?
Mar. 19, 2015
The City of Columbus sells them from their office, 2700 Impound Lot Rd., Columbus, OH 43207 (614-645-6400). Off Campus Student Services (614-292-0100) will be selling them at the Ohio Union in September. For specific dates you will need to contact them. Those of you in multiple unit complexes are highly encouraged to purchase one, even if you get a UML pass. One ticket for parking on the street without a permit is $35.00, so the pass will pay for itself. *In order to purchase a parking permit they will require you to have a SIGNED copy of your lease agreement.* Every tenant was given an additional copy of their lease at the time of their lease signing. You are welcome to bring that in any time before July 31st and we will be happy to sign it. If you have lost your copy you will need to contact Kelly at the office to schedule a time to get a new one. *There is a $5 cash charge for a new lease copy if you lost the one I gave you.* Please call 24 hours in advance so we can have that ready for you. Check with your roommates to see if they need one as well, that way we can get them all ready at once. *ATTN TENANTS OF 149, 151,153,155 and 157 W. 10th* You will want to make sure you get your city permits BEFORE your move-in day! The city of Columbus is less than accommodating to students, parents and moving vans being on the street without a city permit.They WILL ticket you! If you have questions about this you will need to contact the city, their telephone number is (614) 645-6400. UML is not responsible for people receiving parking tickets or from being towed from non-UML parking lots.

How can I get a University Manors parking permit (if applicable)?
Mar. 19, 2015
We will have towing temporarily suspended in our lots ONLY when you come to move-in so you and your parents will not have to worry about being towed. Permits will NOT be issued on Move-in day. Please refer to your move-in packet for specific information on permit issue dates. You will need to show your registration and know your license plate, make, model, and year of your vehicle. Permits are FREE. Please note there is a limit, depending on your location, on how many permits will be given out. There will be more information on this provided to you in your move-in packet that you get when you pick up your keys.

How do I file a noise complaint?
Apr. 10, 2015
You should only file a complaint after attempting to kindly resolve the issue with the offender directly. We need to have everything in writing so we have record of it. If you need to file a noise or any other complaint please e-mail it to Ashley@universitymanors.com and we will address it accordingly. If it is extreme and after business hours, you can call the Columbus Police Department non-emergency line at 614-645-4545. You'll still want to e-mail Ashley as well.

How do I make a maintenance request?
Mar. 17, 2015
E-mail your request to service@universitymanors.com.

How do I renew my lease for another year?
Mar. 17, 2015
Our current residents always have first priority to renew. We will contact you in the fall for your renewal intentions. If you would like to renew for another year, contact Kelly at 614-291-5001 or Kelly@universitymanors.com to schedule a renewal appointment.

How do I rent an apartment once I have decided I want one?
Mar. 17, 2015
Follow the steps on our Leasing page: http://universitymanors.com/future-residents/leasing/

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