Current Tenants

As one of our highly valued current residents, we want you to have all of the information and assistance you need to be a satisfied tenant.  We have created this page to help answer any questions you might have as a current resident in one of our properties.  Below is a breakdown of what each page contains.

Maintenance – The page tells you how to submit a general maintenance request and what to do if you have an emergency maintenance request.  It also gives the information that you, as a tenant, are responsible for maintaining.

Paying Rent – Here, you will find all of the information you need to know regarding paying your monthly rent and getting your security deposit refund after move-out.

Roommate Change/Sublet Information – This page contains all of the information you need to know if you are wanting/needing to change roommates or are considering subleasing your apartment or bedroom in a multi-bedroom home.

Parking – Here, you will find everything you need to know about parking: when and how to obtain a permit, what to do if someone is parked in your spot, visitor permits, and more.

Keys & Laundry – Find everything you need to know about our electronic keys, lost key replacement, and laundry machines.

Free High Speed Internet – This page only pertains to residents in one of our eight studio buildings, 31 Chittenden, and 173 W. 9th Ave.  It gives the details about the internet service we provide and technical support.

Additional Information & Policies – Here you will find information about what to do regarding things like unwanted mail, prohibited uses, filing noise or other complaints, and more.