Security Deposit Returns


How To Avoid Deductions – In order to get the most back from your security deposit make sure to follow all of the guidelines on the Move Out Information Page

Forwarding Address Forms – In order to receive your security deposit return you must complete and turn in a forwarding address form so we know where to mail it to.  Forms are e-mailed out at the beginning of April and are due back by May 1st.  If you have any roommates, all of them must agree to ONE person who will receive the full return and will be responsible for dividing up the refund to all of the other roommates appropriately.  There will be a detailed list of any deductions made from your deposit.

When You’ll Receive It – By law, security deposit returns must be in the mail within 30 days past your lease end date.  This is a very busy time of year for us, please DO NOT CALL unless it has been 40 days past your lease end date and you still have not received your refund.

Haven’t Received Your Refund? – If it has been 40 days past your lease end date and you have not received your refund, have questions about who the check was made out to, or the address to where it was sent please call the office or e-mail Kris , or Madison, Make sure to include the address where you lived with us in your e-mail.

Questions About Deductions? – If you have questions about specific deductions please email and the appropriate inspector will respond.  Make sure to include the address where you lived with us and what specific charge(s) you have questions about in your e-mail.


If I move out early, will I get my refund back early?
Possibly.  If you move out months or weeks in advance*, then yes.  Overall, the sooner you move out the more likely you are to get your deposit back faster, but we can only 100% guarantee that it will be in the mail by the date required by law. We do have an early move-out program that guarantees an early return of your deposit, please email to inquire about this program.

*If you move out in advance and water is not included in your rent, we may still have to wait to receive the final water bill before we can process your security deposit refund.  If water is not included in your rent, then the final water bill is deducted from your security deposit.

When will I get my security deposit refund?
Your security deposit will be mailed out within 30 days past your lease end date (please do not call our office asking when you will receive it as we are very busy processing them all).  You should not call and inquire about your deposit return until it has been at least 40 days past your lease end date.

My roommate(s) and I don’t get along anymore and can’t agree on one person to get the deposit refund…what should we do?
We still only process one check for the refund.  If you absolutely can’t agree on someone, then the only other option is to make the check payable to ALL roommates and then you ALL have to come together and pick it up at the office and you ALL would need to go to the bank together to get it cashed.  It is highly recommended that you delegate one person to receive the check and distribute the funds.

How can I ensure I will get all or most of my security deposit back?
Follow all of the detailed instructions in the move-out information that will be e-mailed to you and is also listed on the website here: