Paying Rent



Due Date – Rent is due on the first of every month.  The only exception to this is that your first rent payment will be on the day you move in.  The first month’s rent is not prorated, even if you move in at the middle of the month.  This is because the lease is written as a total rent amount for the entire duration of the lease divided up into 12 equal payments. The first two payments just happen to fall close together.  If we prorated the first month, it would make every other month more expensive. If you renew at the same location with us the subsequent lease is a full 12 months.

Grace Period – There is no grace period for rent.  It is always due on the first of every month. However, we will sometimes accommodate for special situations. We will also send out a reminder that your rent is past due before we post an eviction notice. Contact Madison at if you have additional questions.

Late Fee – If your rent is late, the fee is $50 per month per person

Payment Forms – Pay online through the tenant portal by using the button above.  While we prefer the rent to be paid in one lump sum, if you have any roommates, each person can pay their own individual portion of rent through the tenant portal.  If your cosigner will be contributing towards your rent, they will also have a login to access the portal.

Cost to pay online – It is free by e-check or you can pay by credit card for a fee (2-3% of the TOTAL rent amount.  Please note the fee is based on the total rent, not your payment amount.  We have no control over the fee as it goes directly to the credit card company, not to us).  Please double check you entered your account number correctly – if your payment is rejected due to an invalid account number you may be assessed a late fee.

While the online portal is highly recommended and preferred we also accept checks or money orders.  We DO NOT accept cash for security purposes.  If you wish to pay by check or money order please make sure to follow the instructions below.

Filling Out Your Rent Check Properly 

  • Payable To? – University Manors, Ltd. is the parent company of several different companies.  It is imperative that you make your check payable to your specific landlord.  Please see the Landlord Chart By Address to know who to make your check payable to.
  • Amount – Your total rent must be paid in full each month.  Partial payment may result in a late fee.  If you have any roommates, then it is your responsibility to collect rent from each of your roommates and pay your rent in ONE check or money order for anyone not paying through the online tenant portal.
  • Memo – We apply rent payments by address, not by name, therefore you MUST put your apartment/house address with apartment letter or number (if applicable) in the memo of your check.  Failure to do so may result in the payment being applied to the wrong account and a potential late fee.

Tenant Portal Activation – If your portal is not already activated, then you and your cosigner will each receive an activation e-mail prior to move-in.  If you did not receive this e-mail by July 31st please contact the office at 614-291-5001.

Viewing Charges Online – Any charges due on your account will not show until 15 days from the due date.  For example, if your move in day is August 17th, the charge will not show on your account until August 2nd.  You can always pre-pay and the system will automatically apply your payment to rent when the charge posts.

Online Account Details – There is one account per apartment/house.  You will see the total amount due for the entire apartment/house, but when you go to pay you can type in your portion of the charge that you are responsible for.  Any late fees may be accessed on a per person basis.  If your portion is paid on time, you will not be responsible for any late fees.  You can always view the full account ledger through your portal to know who has paid, how much, and on what date.

Autopay Option – You do have the option to set up your account on autopay.  If you choose to do this, please make sure you do a 1 time manual payment for your first payment (since it is due in the middle of the month) and then you can set up all future payments to process on the 1st of each month.