All maintenance requests must be submitted through your tenant portal.  Please login and do so through the link above.  If you are having problems accessing your tenant portal please call the office at 614-291-5001.  We strive to address all general maintenance requests within 24-48 business hours.

Fees: For things that are basic wear and tear to the apartment, there is no associated fee. If you (or your pet) is the cause of any damage that we have to repair then you are responsible for a minimum $45 service call or the cost of labor + any necessary materials.  See the “Resident Maintenance Responsibility” section below for additional information so you are not responsible for a service call fee.


During Business Hours:  Use the link above and then call the office at 614-291-5001.  Please only call the office if it is a fire, flood, or other life threatening situation (only after you have contacted the police or appropriate agency)

After Business Hours/Weekends/Holidays: Call the emergency line at 614-398-7073 after contacting the police or appropriate agency

Office Hours are M-F from 10AM – 5PM. We are closed during all university,  major holidays and from Christmas to New Years.


The following buildings are run on a boiler heating system:

  • 42 E. 13th
  • 49 E. 14th
  • 80 E. 14th
  • 98 E. 12th
  • 115 E. 13th
  • 120 E. 13th
  • 31 Chittenden
  • 173 W. 9th

When/how the heat turns on: There is a thermostat on the boiler that kicks the boiler on at 55 degrees. It does take 24 hours for the boilers to reach optimal temp. In the spring and fall the boiler kicks on at night will run but may not get your apartment heated up before kicking off again once it warms up during the day.

All Building: Each unit can control its own flow of heat but you can never truly turn the heat on or off.

Studio Buildings: The boilers in the studio buildings are radiant heat so you will never feel air coming out of the baseboard unit, it radiates out off the water pipe running through the baseboard unit. It’s important to not have furniture or items shoved up against the baseboard heat unit to allow the heat to radiate out. When you want to turn your heat on use the dial in the corner of the baseboard unit.  The dial goes from 1-6, with 6 being the highest. Put it on 6 and you should eventually hear some clicking in the baseboard (that’s the water from the boiler system).

31 Chittenden: This building has a blower that is in the bathroom of each unit that you can turn on or off.

173 W 9th: This building has blowers in each apartment that can be controlled on the blower unit in each room.


As a resident of one of our apartments/house, you are responsible for maintaining a few items around your home.  The following items detail a few quick fixes you can do to avoid having maintenance come out and in certain instances being charged a minimum $45 service call.

Toilet – We recommend that everyone purchase and keep on hand a commercial grade plunger, not the cheap cup kind, but the one that looks like a mushroom. If maintenance has to come to plunge your toilet, you can be charged. We will even provide you with a free plunger if you need one! NO TAMPONS IN ANY TOILETS ANYWHERE, EVER! Watch this video on how to effectively unclog your toilet.

Light Bulbs – In general, it is your responsibility to replace light bulbs in fixtures throughout the year and to make sure there are bulbs in ALL fixtures when it is time to move out. Most of our fixtures take CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent) which is what we recommend you use to replace any burnt out bulbs. DO NOT use greater than 60-watt bulbs in any fixtures. If it is a specialty bulb or a hard to reach location please contact maintenance for replacement.

Smoke Detectors – Make sure they are in working condition at all times. If after you move in the battery dies in any detector you MUST replace it. We will provide you with free 9-volt batteries if you need them.

Garbage Disposal – If it is not running, press the red reset button which is located underneath the sink on the casing of the disposal. Clear out any source of a clog i.e. broken glass, bottle caps, food etc. If maintenance has to come out for these types of services, you can be charged.

Gas Odor, No Heat, No Hot Water, Stove Top/Oven Not Working – Check to make sure your pilot light is lit – It is important for you to familiarize yourself with what type of appliances you have in your apartment. Most of our apartments have gas hot water tanks and furnaces. The stoves/ovens vary. If you are smelling a gas odor, have no heat, no hot water, or your stove top/oven is not working you can check the pilot light to make sure it is still on, if it is not that is usually what is causing the problem. Instructions for re-lighting most of these appliances can be found on the units themselves. Please be aware that you will probably need a long lighter or long matches to re-light.

Helpful Video: How to re-light the pilot light on your stove