Renters Insurance

Every tenant, and occupant (like a subleaser) is required to hold a valid Renters Insurance policy for the apartment address they are residing in with us throughout the entire lease term you have signed a lease (or sublease) for.  A separate Renters Insurance policy (NOT a homeowner’s policy) will need to be purchased per the terms and conditions stated in your lease agreement


  1. Chris Champion, State Farm 614-459-9900
  2. Stacy Kusma, Liberty Mutual 614-458-2020
  3. Catherine Carreto, AllState. 614-522-0999.

If you use any of the insurance agents listed above they will automatically e-mail your policy to us and it will be pre-approved for move-in day to get you through the line faster!  If you choose to use a different agent, bring a paper copy of your policy with you on move-in day.  Please make sure the required information (name, address, & additional insured/additional interest/certificate holder) is highlighted.


You must bring a copy of your policy, IN HAND, on Move-In Day UNLESS you use one of the agents we mention below. If you are using your own agent read this section. Mailed, faxed, or emailed copies prior to your move-in date will not be accepted. You may bring a digital copy on your phone, or a paper copy in hand, on your move-in day. We do not keep these policies on file, we simply verify the necessary information and check you off in our system. All policies for all roommates must be brought in together, and verified, at the same time. So if you have 5 people living in one house you must have 5 individual Renter’s Insurance policies with you to pick up the keys. Please make sure whomever is coming to pick up the keys has a copy of each person’s policy. If you do not have your policy on Move-In Day, or are missing any roommate policies, no keys will be issued (to anyone) and you will have to wait to move in until you have proof of insurance for all residents. Because Renter’s Insurance is a condition of your lease there are no exceptions to this policy. So please, make sure you plan ahead and coordinate with your roommates so you have everything you need in order to get the keys.


You must have this information exactly as stated below in order to get your keys on move in day:


The requirements of the Renters Insurance Policy are as follows:

        1. The minimum requirement for liability coverage is $100,000 per person.  If you do a joint policy with a roommate, the liability coverage must be $100,000 per person.  i.e. 2 people on a policy = $200,000 in liability, 3 people = $300,000, etc. There is no minimum requirement relating to coverage for the tenant’s personal possessions.
        2. Additional insured/additional interest/certificate holder must be on your policy! Your specific property owner must list the owning company as an (different insurance companies will use these terms interchangeably). Please note: Hometeam Properties is both an owner and a management company. Hometeam Manors does not directly own every property we manage (partnerships vary by property).  The address for the additional insured/additional interst/certificate holder is Hometeam Manors: 222 E. 11th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201 regardless of owner.
        3. Please make sure you highlight your name, rental address, and the additional interest/additional insured/certificate holder on your proof of renters insurance. This will help the line to move quicker and the move-in process to go much smoother.
        4. Remember, you must purchase an actual renters insurance policy in YOUR name.  You cannot use a homeowner’s policy to meet the renters insurance requirment of the lease.

Click the button below to see an example of what your proof of renters insurance should look like:



  1. Renewing tenants – You do not need to provide a new copy of Renters Insurance as your policy should just continue. Double check with your insurance agent and provide your new lease end date (July 29th, 2018).
  2. New RoommatesIf you are moving into a property where some of the roommates are staying from last year, you will need to submit your Renters Insurance between July 1st, 2018 and July 14th, 2018 via email to Start your policy coverage on July 30th, 2018. Make sure you read all of the policy requirements in the section above.
  3. Transfer tenants (you live with us now and are switching to another property with us for Fall)– Please e-mail your insurance to prior to your scheduled move in date.  You must have all policies for all roommates in order to get your keys on your transfer date.   Make sure you follow the instructions above under Policy Requirements.


  1. Your agent may require specific information about the building you will be living in (the year it was built, the type of frame, number of units, etc). Due to the large number of calls we receive please do not call the office but instead visit Click on the Property Search tab and put in your rental address. Any and all information the office is able to give you is listed on that website. This is the fastest and most efficient way for you to get this information.
  2. Remember, copies will NOT be accepted prior to your scheduled move-in day, unless you use one of two agents who have worked with us before. These agents know the exact requirements, how the policy needs to be written, and the owner of each property. If you use one of them they can fast track your policy to us by emailing it directly to  You do not need to provide a paper copy to us if you use one of them. We simply do not have the ability to pre-check 700+ Renters Insurance policies. If you use one of these 2 agents they will directly email the policies to us and we know they are written correctly. All other agents must send the policies to you directly to bring with you on move-in day.
  3. If you are subleasing part or all of your lease to someone else you are still required to maintain a Renters Insurance policy as a leaseholder. The sublease tenant must also maintain a policy for the duration of their sublease term since they are an occupant at the property. Both copies must be turned in, in order to receive keys on move-in day. If you sublease during the middle of the year you can submit their Renters Insurance within one week of their move-in.


If you have additional questions, please contact