Renters Insurance

You must have this information exactly as stated below in order to get your keys on move in day:

  • Every tenant is required to hold a valid Renter’s Insurance policy for the apartment address they are residing in with us.  A separate Renter’s Insurance policy (NOT homeowner’s policy) will need to be purchased per the terms and conditions stated in your lease agreement.  Check out this article about renter’s insurance!
  • You must bring a copy of your policy, in hand, on Move-In Day. Mailed, faxed, or emailed copies prior to your move-in date will not be accepted. This may be a digital copy on your phone, or a paper copy in hand. We do not keep these policies on file, we simply verify the necessary information and check you off in our system. All policies for all apartments must be together, and verified at the same time. Please make sure whomever is coming to pick up the keys has a copy of each person’s policy. If you do not have your policy on Move-In Day, or are missing any roommate policies, no keys will be issued (to anyone) and you will have to wait to move in until you have proof of insurance for all residents.
  • The minimum requirement for liability coverage is $100,000.  There is no minimum requirement relating to coverage for the tenant’s personal possessions.
  • Your specific property owner will need to be listed as an additional insured/additional interest. University Manors is both an owner and a management company.  Check the Landlord Chart By Address for your specific property owner.  The address for the additional insured (regardless of landlord) is 72 E. 14th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201
  • If one or more roommates are missing their insurance information keys will NOT be given out until ALL copies are turned in. Please make arrangements to get all copies to the person picking up the keys on move-in day!
  • Please take the time to highlight your name, rental address, and the additional interest/additional insured on your proof of renters insurance.  This will help the line to move quicker and the move-in process to go much smoother.
  • Your agent may require specific information about the building you will be living in. Please do not call the office but instead visit Click on the Property Search tab and put in your rental address. Any and all information the office is able to give you is listed on that website.
  • Copies will NOT be accepted prior to your scheduled move-in day, unless you use one of two agents who have worked with us before and know exactly what we need on the policy. If you use one of these 2 agents they will directly email the policies to us. All other agents should send the policies to you directly to bring with you on move-in day.

Click the button below to see an example of what your proof of renters insurance should look like:


What is required to meet the Renters Insurance requirement of my lease? You will need to bring a copy of your Renters Insurance policy (it must have your name and the rental address listed on it) in hand with you the day you move in. Please, do not send it to us ahead of time. You must have a minimum of $100,000 in liability coverage. Your specific property owner will need to be listed as an additional insured. The property owner for your house/apartment is listed in the second sentence of your lease agreement. It is also listed in the Landlord Chart By Address. If it does not meet all of these requirements, it will not be accepted.

If you need a referral for renters insurance please contact Kelly at