Future Tenants

Welcome to University Manors, Ltd!  We are excited to have you move in soon.  We have created this page to help answer any questions you might have as a future resident in one of our properties.  Below is a breakdown of what each page contains.

Leasing – This page includes everything you need to know regarding our leasing process.  Here is also where you are able to view a sample copy of the lease and review all lease terms and conditions.

Roommate Changes – If you need to change a roommate before the lease begins, everything you need to know to do that is here.

Move In Information – This page contains steps on what you should do prior to move in day, as well as how the move in day process works, i.e. times you can get keys, what you’ll need to bring with you for move in day etc.

Renters Insurance – This page consists of all the information for our requirements on renters insurance.

Haven’t signed a lease with us yet? Follow these steps to become one of our satisfied tenants.