Feedback & Testimonials


I’m sad to be leaving! You guys have been so good to me these past three years! – Megan

You guys have been so good at helping with maintenance requests! I am surprised with the promptness always  – Julia

I greatly appreciate the upgrades and energy University Manors puts into maintaining their properties. This is the first property I have rented that a company has done such a thing, and it’s earning a great amount of respect!

Thank you,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for such quick service when my daughter’s furnace was not working when she woke up Friday morning.  I put in the maintenance request Friday morning and someone was there Friday morning to fix it.     We have had such good service from University Manors with any of our maintenance request.

Thank you so much!!   One less thing, as a parent, that I have to worry about with such great service.

-Susan (Parent)

Great experience! I have rented with UM going on 3 years now and have never had a problem! Friendly staff, wonderful service from maintenance and always fun giveaways! UM really does care for their tenants and I would highly recommend them to anyone! – Anonymous

My new landlord is horrible…I really enjoyed my stay with University Manors. I loved my little studio. – Megan

University Manors, Thank you for all you do for us Buckeyes! It’s truly appreciated! – Sarai

University Manors Team, Thank you so much for an excellent 3 years in a positively gorgeous apartment! The care and upkeep you put into your properties has made my collegiate home a joy.  I highly recommend you to anyone who’s looking for a place on campus.  Again, thank you! – Claire

Mike has been a truly wonderful help to us. He is always considerably generous and always does a really great job. We really appreciate his help and his kindness. If you could spread the word to him we would be very grateful! – Kindra

The whole office staff is really helpful and they try to answer e-mails as quickly as possible and take care of everybody. University Manors is a great campus apartment.  – Janelle

“I appreciate all of the help your staff has given me. I like the drawings for different things to make us more of a community.  I’ve been very pleased, so thank you!” – Ellen

My apartment was clean when I moved in and the women in the office have always been friendly.  When I moved in, I had a few minor problems and they addressed them all within 2 days.  – Ali

Thank you so much for replacing the floor.  It is absolutely beautiful!! Our apartment looks so much better and it smells so much fresher now that the old carpet is gone!! We can’t thank you enough!! – Hannah

I would like to thank Amy for taking care of everything.  She went above and beyond. The apartment now looks completely different from the day Amanda moved in.  Last but not least, to all the maintenance workers – thank you for doing your part.  It made a big difference. – Mother of tenant

We want to thank you all so much for the great service we received in fixing our problems. We are extremely pleased in everything the workers did, as well as how timely and polite they were.  Thank you so much!! – Maggie

[The free internet] is absolutely amazing. I can now use my laptop, play station, tablet, and phone all hooked up the Wi-Fi portal I set up with my router and they all retain great high speeds. This switch was perfect and I am completely satisfied with it. Before I was paying around $40 bucks a month to connect 3 devices to their “fastest” Wi-Fi and it was not even remotely close to as good as this. Thank you sooooo much.  – Anonymous

I really appreciate you taking the time to [install the internet]. A selling point for me was the free internet and it is great for streaming Netflix and doing homework. Glad for the upgrade! –Anonymous

Thank you so much for fixing the garbage disposal! I want to again thank Mike for NEVER leaving a mess for me to clean up and being so nice! – Brittney

The [free] internet is fantastic and I’ve already recommended the building to several friends due to the excellence in service and resident maintenance.  –Anonymous

Everything was resolved wonderfully! Roy was a fantastic help and we really appreciate the quality of work that he did for us.  Thank you very much for the follow up. – Julie

I just wanted to say thank you very much for replacing my fridge.  My last landlords would have never gone out of their way and done something like that for me.  I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate it.  – Tyler

I just wanted to thank you guys for being so on top of things.  You guys have been so helpful and whenever anything breaks you guys are really good about fixing it. – Elizabeth

I would like to compliment your maintenance staff.  The few times they have been in our unit they are very efficient and friendly.  The most recent gentleman, Mike, was especially outstanding and made sure we didn’t have any other issues beyond their knowledge.  I just wanted to make known our appreciation for them! – Shayna

I wanted to say thank you for helping us feel safe in our apartment again.  The locks were changed this afternoon.  I’m impressed by how quickly and convenient it was for the maintenance to be done.  You’re awesome! – Kristen

Thank you very much.  We appreciate [the maintenance repairs], normally it takes months with other landlords. – Adam

Today an amazing man, [Mike] came to fix our sink and toilet, and we just mentioned the shower issue to him, and he was able to fix it.  We are very grateful and ecstatic with the results! – Chelsea and Molly

I had two problems in the past week or so and both were fixed almost immediately (my shower drain was fixed on the same day that I e-mailed you guys). I am extremely grateful of the speed that you guys work and I wouldn’t even mind tipping the maintenance guy if I ever see him! – Jeffrey

Thank you so much for what you’ve done for me over the years, Jill. You don’t understand how much I appreciate that.  – Andre

Thank you so much for sending someone over earlier this week to fix the heat in my apartment! I really appreciate your fast response.  My week has been much more enjoyable with my warm apartment! 🙂  – Nicole

I’d like to commend your maintenance guy, Mike.  He was exceedingly helpful in a surprisingly quick time frame.  Thank you guys so much!  – Ben

I loved my apartment on 12th Ave.  It has utilities included, large rooms, and it was really well maintained. Kelly, who handles leasing actually helped get my car released when it was towed out of my parking lot (my fault).  I don’t know if other companies around campus would have been that helpful.  Maintenance was always done in a timely manner. –Anonymous

Having rented from them for two years straight, I moved out this year and already plan on moving back.  The prices on all their stuff is the best I’ve found on campus, and their service is the best I’ve seen.  – Stewart