Additional Information & Policies


This section includes what you should do with all unwanted mail – this includes, but is not limited to junk mail, mail for the previous tenant, and solicitations.

Throw It Away – If you receive something you do not want in your mailbox THROW IT AWAY IN AN APPROPRIATE TRASH RECEPTACLE!! If you receive previous tenant’s mail, please either throw it away or return it to the sender. The office does not forward mail.

Help Keep The Common Areas Clean – Please be aware that we are not here to pick up mail you do not want or to clean the areas around the mailboxes from unnecessary debris. The ground or shelf located below the mailboxes IS NOT a trashcan for your unwanted mail.  If you do not dispose of your unwanted mail properly, you may be charged or have a deduction from your security deposit. That applies to ANYTHING addressed to your apartment!

If there is an ongoing issue with unwanted mail, trash, debris, litter of any kind, etc., then you may incur charges deducted from your security deposit.  It is a team effort to keep the common areas clean and litter free.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


In an effort to avoid package theft in the campus area, as a courtesy to our residents, we offer a FREE package acceptance service. You simply need to sign and turn in the package acceptance agreement to opt in to the service.  You can also sign it and scan and e-mail it to

How it works – Once you have turned in the package acceptance agreement to Ashley, you can have packages mailed to our office.  Simply address the package with your name, but our office address – 72 E. 14th Avenue.  We will send you a text message when your package is here and ready for pick up.

Liability – We cannot prevent theft if packages are delivered after office hours or during holiday breaks or if delivery drivers leave packages on the porch and we don’t see it.  We highly recommend sending your packages so they have to be signed for in order to avoid any potential theft.  We also recommend that you avoid using Fed Ex.  They tend to leave packages on the porch, rather than bring them inside.  USPS almost always brings them in if it’s during office hours.

If you have further questions about the package acceptance service, please contact


Pet Contract Requirement  – There is no additional rent or security deposit required for pets, however we do require you to have a pet contract on file. You are responsible for any damage caused by your pet.

Cats – We allow cats in most of our properties, however they MUST be spayed/neutered and litter box trained.

Caged Pets – Caged pets, such as hamsters or fish are also allowed. We do not allow any pets (except fish) in our studio buildings.

Dogs & Ferrets – NO DOGS OR FERRETS are allowed at any of our properties.

Facebook Updates – Everyone in the office is an animal lover.  Sometimes we’ll bring our own dogs or foster puppies in for a fun day at the office.  Like us on Facebook and we’ll post when we have a dog in the office and you can come say hi!


Lease Obligation – Per section 13 (9) of your lease agreement you must: “conduct him/herself and require other persons on the Premises with his/her consent to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb his neighbors “peaceful enjoyment” of the Premises…”  Please make sure to abide by this at all times.

Attempt to Resolve – You should always attempt to kindly resolve any issues with your neighbors directly before filing a complaint.  Usually, the other tenant isn’t aware of how disruptive they might be and nicely asking them to change their behavior can be very effective, rather than immediately going above them to management.

To File a Complaint – If you have a noise (or any other) complaint to file against another tenant we require everything to be in writing so we can maintain a record of it.  E-mail all complaints to and we will address it accordingly.

No Smoking Policy – All of our properties are non-smoking.  Per section 14 of your lease agreement “Smoking of any substance at any time anywhere on our premises is not allowed. SMOKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.”  Please take note that it is not allowed anyone on our premises.  This means you cannot smoke right outside the building.  You need to be outside and off of our property in order to smoke.  Please make sure to properly dispose of cigarette butts or any other debris as necessary.  Failure to do so may result in being charged.


Painting – We do not allow painting in any of our properties.  If you paint any walls in your unit, you will be responsible for all charges to prime and paint it back to the original color.

Holes in Walls -Basic rule of thumb, is that if your parents wouldn’t be happy when you take something down, then neither will we.  We do allow small, basic nail holes for hanging items, but no large screw holes.   If you do put any nail or screw holes in the walls, do NOT spackle them when you move out.

Hanging Items – We highly recommend using Command strips to hang any items.  Command strips are fantastic and will ensure no damage is done to the wall.  Do not use anything else sticky (i.e. sticky tack) to hang items as it will damage the wall when you remove it and you may be charged.


Boxes – It is imperative, especially at move in time, that you break down all boxes before you put them in the dumpster so they will all fit.  The trash collectors will not collect any boxes that are sitting outside of the dumpster.  If our maintenance crew has to come out to break down and throw away boxes, then everyone residing at the property may incur a charge.

Tenant Responsibility – It is your responsibility to keep the residence free and clear of all litter, trash, and debris at all times.  This includes but is not limited to flyers, papers, cans, bottles, and trash.  This is true for the inside AND outside of all of our properties.  If our maintenance crew has to come out and clean up trash or litter of any time, all of the residents who reside there may incur a charge.

Bulk Pick Up – Please do not throw these items in the dumpster or leave them in/around your apartment/house. There is typically a bulk pick-up sponsored by Campus Partners around move out time, we will forward that information and post to the website as soon as we receive it.