Keys and Laundry


Electronic Keys – Some of our properties have electronic keys.  If this applies to you, please make sure to be aware of the following information:

  • How To Use – There are two types of electronic locks.  One requires that you line up the metal circle on your key to the same size circle on the lock.  The light will flash green; turn the knob, and you can go in.  The other lock doesn’t have a circle on it.  You will wave the key in front of the lock once and the light will flash red.  Then, wave the key in front of the lock a second time and the light will flash green and you can go in.
  • Low Battery Signal –  If at any time the lock flashes red when it should flash green or you have any issues with your key please submit a maintenance request immediately through your tenant portal
  • What To Do If You Get Locked Out – If you get locked out during office hours you can come into the office and get a temporary key to get into your apartment/house to get your own keys and return ours.  We do require that you leave an ID in the office on hold until you retrieve your keys and return ours.  There is no fee for this.  If you get locked out after office hours or on the weekend, you would need to call the emergency maintenance number – 614-398-7073.  There is a $45 cash fee.  This money is due to our service representative immediately upon arrival.

Lost Keys -If you lose a key, the fees for a replacement are as follows:

  • Electronic Key – $100
  • Standard Door Key  – $25
  • Mail Key – $15


Some of our properties have card operated machines and some have coin operated machines.  Please read over the information for the machine that pertains to the property where you reside.

Card Operated Machines – Upon move-in you will receive a loadable laundry card.  If you have roommates, each resident will get their own card.  As a courtesy, we will pre-load $5.00 onto the card for you.  You can add more money onto the card by using the machine inside the first door at the office.  You have 24/7 access to this machine. You can add up to $40.00 onto your card at one time.   The machine only accepts cash to load money onto your card.

If you ever lose the card, you can get a new one directly from the machine at your convenience, but there is a $5.00 charge.

Each tenant’s card must be returned with the keys at move out.  If any cards are not returned there is a $5.00 charge that will be deducted from your security deposit per missing card.

If there is any remaining money on the laundry card when you return it, you forfeit that money.  This is why we provide you with a free $5.00 at move in.

Coin Operated Machines – These machines only accept U.S. quarters. DO NOT use any coins (international coins, pennies, nickels, dimes, etc.) other than quarters.  If a machine requires maintenance due to you putting the wrong coins in the machine, you may incur a charge.

Maintenance – If a machine requires maintenance, please submit a maintenance request through your tenant portal

Where to find your laundry room – Most communal laundry rooms are located on the ground floor of each multi-unit building.  Some buildings that don’t have laundry are granted access at a neighboring building.  If you aren’t sure where the laundry room is for your use, please call the office at 614-291-5001 and we’ll be happy to direct you.