Move Out Information

As you are moving on to your next home, know that we wish you the best in your future endeavors.  Thank you for your residency with us and good luck!

Please read over the following information regarding move out.


  1. Turn in your forwarding address form – Forms are e-mailed out in early April and are due by May 1st.  For additional information regarding forwarding address forms, please see the Security Deposit Returns page
  2. Turn in keys – Please see the information below regarding how and when to turn in the keys
  3. We Complete an Inspection – All units are walked for inspection of any damages and necessary cleaning.  Please see the information below in regards to cleaning so you can maximize your security deposit return.
  4. Inspection Notes Documented – After the inspection, we process and document all necessary charges for cleaning, damages, lost/unreturned keys, etc.
  5. Security Deposit Refunds Mailed Out – By law, security deposit refunds must be in the mail within 30 days after your lease end date.  This is a very busy time of year for us, please do not call unless it has been 40 days past your lease end date and you still have not received your refund.  You will receive a detailed breakdown of any deductions from your deposit with your refund check.


Due Date/Time – All keys, including door, mailbox, and electronic keys also all parking permits must be returned to the office by noon the day that your lease expires. Please see your lease agreement for your specific move-out date.  Exception: All keys to individual bedroom doors must be left in the lock they belong to, in the apartment/house.  

How to Turn Them In – Put all keys in an envelope clearly labeled with the house/apartment address (don’t forget the apartment letter/number if applicable).  All apartments/houses with multiple roommates moving out must turn in all keys in the same envelope – we do not accept individual keys at any time.   

Fees – Any late keys will be assumed lost and the appropriate amount will be deducted from the security deposit.  We do not give refunds or credit for keys turned in after the lease expiration.

  • Electronic keys – $100
  • Door keys – $25
  • Mailbox keys – $15


Use the Cleaning Checklist in order to get greatest possible security deposit refund.

Appliances – Unplug and pull refrigerators and stoves away from the wall, clean underneath and behind them.  All appliance (refrigerator, stove, microwave if applicable) must be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.  Make sure you clean under the burners of the stove tops and the entire oven. Place the cord of the refrigerator in the refrigerator door so the door cannot close.  DO NOT just unplug your fridge/freezer to defrost all over the floor.  It’s best to defrost it a couple of days before hand so you have time to clean up any water if necessary.

Walls – Remove all pictures, posters, art, etc.  Wash all walls to remove any spills, scuffs, and marks.  DO NOT SPACKLE ANY HOLES.  You will be charged for any painting that is necessitated by spackling.  If you put curtains up, we recommend that you leave the curtain rod on the wall in order to avoid leaving damage above the windows.

Carpets and Floors – Mop all floors and vacuum all carpeted area.  Tend to any spills, stains, or soiled areas on the carpet. We recommend that you do not attempt to clean the carpets yourself with a rented carpet cleaner as they are usually ineffective. If you are concerned about stains on the carpet and would like to get them cleaned prior to moving out, you may call Rite Rug at 614-573-4276 or any other professional carpet cleaner.

Other Surfaces – Clean all surfaces of the entire apartment/house including baseboards and the inside and outside of all cabinets.

Personal Items – Do not leave ANY items, furniture, or trash in the apartment that has not be approved by management.  You will be charged a disposal fee for any trash/furniture that we have to remove.

For a detailed list of cleaning instructions see the Cleaning Instructions

Failure to clean your unit appropriately may result in cleaning, painting, or carpet cleaning charges deducted from your security deposit.


  • You must terminate all utilities in your unit that you have set up in your name.
  • Take the utilities out of your name, but do not turn them off! They will go into the specific landlord’s name.
    • When doing so, please make sure that it is terminated on the actual date that your lease expires.  Even if you are moving out early, you are responsible for the utilities for the entire duration of your lease agreement.
  • If you have any utilities included in your rent, then you do not need to contact those utility companies for termination.

Utility Company Phone Numbers

AEP (Electric) – 1-800-277-2177
Columbia Gas – 1-800-344-4077
City of Columbus (Electric) – 614-645-7360
City of Columbus (Water) – 614-645-8270
City of Columbus (Street Permits) – 614-645-6400
Time Warner Cable – 614-481-5050

  • FORWARD YOUR MAIL – Make sure you contact the post office to have your mail forwarded to your new address.  You can update your address with the USPS here:


  1. Can I schedule a walk-through of my apartment prior to moving out?
    No, unfortunately we are unable to schedule walk-throughs due to the number of people moving out at one time. You will receive a detailed list of any items deducted from your deposit. If you have any questions regarding any charges feel free to call the office
  2. Can I turn my keys in early?
    Yes, you can turn your keys in early, however you are still responsible for rent and utilities until the end of your lease.
  3. If I am moving out of my apartment/house but my roommates are not how do I get my portion of the security deposit back?
    Roommate changes and the refund of those deposits is handled on an individual basis, please contact the office for more information.
  4. What do I do with bulk items such as furniture that I no longer want?
    Please do not throw these items in the dumpster or leave them in/around your apartment/house. There is typically a bulk pick-up sponsored by Campus Partners, we will forward that information and post to the website as soon as we receive it.